Hey guys,

Just downloaded and compiled the new 2.6.29 kernel. So far and not so good !! First thing was for some reason the kernel tries to set your video mode before X so at first I would get a black screen until I guessed that the kernel had finished loading. Next was some of my hardware had stopped working with the new kernel. Like my internal ipw3945 wifi card picks up connections but doesn't connect and with tcpdump monitoring it looks like there is not one single packet being sent or received.

Good points are xconfig now works with qt4 !!! wiMAX drivers are now included in this kernel. Looks like alsa has been updated too.

Anyway I also had trouble getting vmware server to compile its modules so I had to patch them Here's a link to my prepatched modules if anybody else is having trouble..


Just extract them into ./vmware-server-redistrib/lib/modules/source/ and then install vmware-server.

Here's a screenshot...