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Thread: Prism2_usb---(wlan-ng) & Packet Injection

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    Default Prism2_usb---(wlan-ng) & Packet Injection

    Just curious if anyone has gotten any device working using the patched drivers listed on:


    For the DWL-122. On the site above it states that injection only works w/ 2.4 kernels. The author at:

    States that they work with kernels < 2.6.11. I would like to get this device working on a distro. But, my lack of kernel compiling has me resorting to dl-ing an older distro that has such kernels. I've tried compiling me own a bit ago and didn't have much luck. If anyone has gotten these drivers to work with injection please shed some light on the subject for me. I'm currently downloading FC4 which comes with 2.6.11-1.369 kernel. I haven't seen anyone having problems compiling linux-wlan drivers with this kernel. I'm gonna try this distro with the linux-wlan-0.2.5 drivers that come packed with latest aircrack-ng. First gonna try compiling before I apply patch hopefully no errors will come about.

    What distro?
    What kernel?
    Did you have to edit the Make file at all to get it to compile properly?

    From what I've read so far on NetStumbler forum this has been done before with other prism2_usb based cards. Kinda wishing I had a os X about now and could use it with KisMac

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    well, i was trying to get the broadcom to work, still struggeling with it, seems the newest kernel auto supports packet injection for the drivers'

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