I am currently running an ASUS EEE 904HA and i can not get video to work in BT3. I can get it to work in the beta of BT4 but from what ive read it is unstable and i do not want to use it. Ive been searching the web for a few days now and most EEE installs seem to go seamlessly and none have this video error. When i boot bt3 i get a error that states:

you passed and undefined mode number.
press <return> to see video modes available, <space> to continue

:then i press enter:

video adapters: VERSA VGA
0 OFOO 80X25
1 OFO1 80X50
2 OFO2 80X43
3 OFO3 80X28
4 OFO5 80X30
5 OFO6 80X34
6 OFO7 80X60

and that is where i am currently at. None of the options above give me video and im stuck with command line. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

thanks in advance,