I'm trying to get BT4 R2 on my sd card. I've been at it for weeks and have tried several different approaches so far. The big problem is the BIOS doesn't support booting from SD, so I've been experimenting with mounting /boot on a USB or the hard drive and mounting / on the sd card, and/or chainloading from grub on the hard drive.

The latest thing I have tried is to boot from the BT4 live cd and install to the sd card.
sdb1 ext3 /boot 256Mb USB drive
sdc2 ext3 / 16Gb SD card
grub installed on sdb

I have a USB dongle that accepts SD cards which I have been using for testing. I use this to install BT4, boot into once to add these modules to /etc/initramfs-tools/modules "mmc_core, mmc_block, sdhc, sdhc_pci". These modules are needed for the sd card to be recognized as a drive during boot. I then ran update-initramfs -u -b/boot. I confirmed these modules were loaded on the next boot with lsmod. However when I take the sd card out of the dongle and put it in the internal sd slot, grub reports booting from hd0,0 but then I get dropped to a busybox prompt with the error "Alert! /dev/disk/by-uuid/(UUID# for sd card) does not exist. Dropping to a shell!"

This puzzles me because when I tried the same procedure with Ubuntu 10.10 it worked perfectly. I'm assuming there is some difference between the latest Ubuntu and the version of Kubuntu BT4 is based off of. Possibly some additional modules or drivers are needed?

Since I know someone will mention Unetbootin, I've already tried that as well and can't get anything bootable out of it, whether the sd card is in the dongle or not.