How to use ssh from the command prompt to use a proxy.

First go to

and get the latest tar.gz (not .deb) version of connect-proxy.

from the command prompt enter the directory you downloaded it to (default is /root in bt3)
tar -zxvf [latest version].tar.gz
go into the new directory
gcc -o connect-proxy connect.c
cp connect-proxy /bin
Then, create a file ~/.ssh/config, whit this:
Host *
ProxyCommand connect-proxy -H %h %p

Finally, test the connection:
ssh -F .ssh/config -p 3000

And i did a tunnel to another application:
ssh -F .ssh/config -g -L 8000: -p 3000

Now you can go into firefox and change the network settings to use a proxy. Set it to manual configuration, and go down to socks HOST and enter and 3000 for the port

Got this from
and added the info for use in backtrack.

EDIT: Tested on 4 and works the same. "apt-get install connect-proxy" will work instead of compiling the file

this help anyone or was it something that was obvious?