I am posting this in the Newbie forum because I could not find a more appropriate location, I am a noob to Backtrack but not to Linux.

I just wanted to let the developers know, and the people on the forum who post regularly to clear things up about the distro that your hard work is really appreciated. I am really pleased with how BT3 runs, and can't wait to give BT4 a try. (I don't do bleeding edge anymore, so I will wait until it is out of beta. )

I guess everyone here would get a kick out of a few of the issues I was having getting BT3 USB Persistent up and running, I have not used a slackware based distro since Slackware 3.5. So to watch me flail around to try to find all the conf files for someone who normally uses Red Hat and Solaris was, well, embarrassing to say the least! (My biggest stumbling block so far was not RTFMing properly.)

I am just so impressed at what you guys have done. I am saying this because I used to have to download and compile all these kind of tools from source in the past, and try to find (non-existent!) documentation on their use. The forum posts have been of great help as well.

BT3 has made my job so much easier, and I have to thank you guys for that. I suppose you can take my post on a Turing test basis whether I am a skript kiddie, or actually using it for legit purposes.

So again, thanks everyone for all the hard work, I look forward with great anticipation to BT4.