All new members will have their posts moderated and will not appear on the forum until approved by a Moderator. Do not post multiple times as this will incur an infraction.

The reCAPTCHA verification whilst a pain for everyone, is required in an attempt to stop spam. We decided that this new forum would allow new members to post links and images in their posts, but as that would leave the door open to spam, reCAPTCHA verification and moderation methods have been implemented to limit that.

The reCAPTCHA verification has now been removed for searches to make life a bit easier on members affected by it.

The reCAPTCHA verification will not be removed, so please do not post or hassle the mods or admins about it.
After you have been a member of the forums for a certain period of time AND made a certain number of posts the requirement for verification is automatically removed. We feel that this allows new members more freedom within the forum but still helps to reduce the amount of spam and undesirable content we have to deal with, and as such is a fair compromise all round.

Any attempt to circumvent the forum restrictions by artificially inflating your post count ie: bumping, pointless posts, making a new post instead of editing, or any other method will incur an infraction or loss of posting privileges.