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Thread: Big Repo Update!

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    First of all we would like to apologize for the lack of updates in the past few weeks. All the guys on the team have been very busy with life, training, jobs and off course, many of us were at black hat and Shmoocon.

    Since we have done away with some of the meta-packages you may have to grab some of the tools individually such as airdrop-ng, so for example
    to get it you need to apt-get update && apt-get install airdrop-ng

    So we have made a large update today with the following items included:

    Open Vas 3.0
    John the ripper updated to with all the relevant patches
    Pyrit updated to r228 including client/server mode
    Aircrack-ng updated to latest SVN
    Airdrop-ng Added (Thanks TheX1le)
    SSL Strip updated
    JBro fuzz updated
    Medusa updated
    DNS map updated
    Crunch updated
    pylorcon libs added

    Thanks every one for understanding that we all do this for fun and for free and we cant always make the updates to suit every ones schedule. Please continue to test backtrack features and submit bug reports. They really help us out! Also posting new tools and version updates as they come up helps us too. We want to keep backtrack the latest and the greatest security distro around and we need the help of the community to do it.
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