And for the record when i say hacks i'm speaking in the hardware modification sense. Just curious if anyone who has a better understanding of hardware, specifically the iPod touch or iPhone, if it would be possible to implement some sort of penetration software into either of these devices. Something along the lines of scanning for networks and possible getting the ip's of the routers or even using a dumbed down version of linux to then utilize some parts of the aircrack suite.

My programming knowledge is such that I have the ability to dabble somewhat in attempting this with some form of help, i/e others to contribute, however if the hardware is such that it simply is not and could not be possible then I'll either broaden my scope beyond the iPod or scrap it all together. I ask in the R-E forums as it seems there is a considerably intelligent set of folks here that might actually be able to offer legitimate insight on the topic.

Anyhow, my curiosity in all this stems from several areas. If it's possible it seems that it would greatly extend the range and scope to which networks need to be defended. The possibility of a device simply being mailed to a corporation or agency that could then be used to not only acquire information about the networks all along the way, but also has the ability to communicate this information via text/email or encrypted voice transmissions poses a rather interesting aspect to consider.

If I have gone way too far on the sci-fi edge just let me know. I'm not some 12 year old thinking about how cool this would be. I'm a 28 year old late stage computer science major with emphasis on network security who got too far into thinking about a possible good project for a class I'm taking. I just see all these situations where people got linux on their playstation or linux on their PDA. In my mind it seems a fairly short jump before those same people start wondering if they can implement some penetration software utilizing some of the interesting hardware these different systems provide. My question about the hardware comes from the fact that i know though it is possible to put linux on such devices as a PS3, the hardware in a PS3 is hardwired so that access to the systems resources is limited.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and any input you folks may have.