I had backtrack 3 a while ago on my little Samsung NC10 netbook, but never quite got some things working. I switched to a hard drive install of Fedora 10 with KDE, since I'm very familiar with Fedora and KDE from running some servers.

I installed the madwifi drivers (ath5k came by default on Fedora), and blacklisted ath5k, and everything is working just fine, except for one problem:

When I capture on my own wireless network in promiscuous mode, I only see inbound packets (internet to a computer on the LAN), but never see the outbound HTTP GET or POST request. I don't *think* its an issue with filtering... I'm filtering to show ALL HTTP protocol packets.

Now, if I put the card into monitor mode (no longer associated with my network) and put my WEP (yes, I know... but we have some old hardware that won't work with WPA) key into the protocol section of wireshark and ask it to decrypt the packets, I can see both outbound and inbound traffic.

Any ideas why I can't see outbound packets in promiscuous mode?

I'm running Fedora 10 kernel 2.6.27 on a Samsung NC10 (Atheros 5007EG card) with 2GB RAM.