Hey guys,
I have two problems
One with bt3 and one with bt4.
First to bt3
I burned the iso to a cd and it work perfectly with my laptop.
But when i will start it with my pc a get an fatal error.
It say that "bt3 data not found" and that i maybe use an unsupported boot device (eg. SCSI or old PCMCIA)
But i use s-ata.
Is this also not supported?

Then bt4.
Bootable dvd works fine with laptop.
When i type in "startx" with my pc i get a white screen and nothing happens.

My hardware is:
graphics card: ati radeon 4870hd
mainboard: asus p5q pro
dvddrive: LG HL-DT-ST DVDRAM (s-ata)

Hope you can help me