Hi all

I'm new to these forums, BackTrack, and pretty new to Linux systems.

I'm thinking of getting a cheap small laptop that I would only use for system security testing using BackTrack. The laptop will be running BackTrack 3 exclusively, so I want to get a laptop that would be perfect in terms of compatibility right out of the box. I've done a lot of research on BackTrack drivers and it seems it's always either the Graphics Chip or the Wireless Card that cause problems. The lists on the Wiki seem to be pretty outdated, as I cannot find any of the perfectly compatible laptops listed there on sale in UK anymore!

My question is - could someone please direct me in the way of a 12"-15" laptop that would cost no more than £700 (1000$) (this is my absolute top, I'm really looking for something in the range of £400-£500) and who is 100% driver compatible with BackTrack?

I'm currently looking at Dell Latitude e5400 or one of the ThinkPads. However, please correct me if I'm wrong, and I hope I am, Intel WiFi 5100 and 5300 cards do not seem to be supported by BackTrack and the Graphics Chip cannot be fully utilized (i.e. achieve it's natural resolution).

*I've been thinking that maybe the WiFi card is not such a big issue, since I could always get a USB or PCMCIA external WiFi card that is definitely compatible with BackTrack, plug into the laptop and use it, right? Please, can anyone confirm this will work with BackTrack 3?

Thank you all in advance for you time and help!