I made a big mistake..... as it seems.
I wanted to install one of the latest firefox versions and found 3.0.6BG in a .tgz.

I installed it and it automatically upgraded the existing version 2.0... which was delivered with bt2 final.

Ok, but when I tried to start it, I got the answer , that I need at least the GTK+2.10, but I had 2.8 ( so ut seemed)...... so I downloaded the following package:




I used pkgtool to install it and after a new start of firefox 3 I got a message, that the library gtgio.so.0.1 or something is missing.


Thought...... it should be complete..... or.... this kind of files often are some kind of softlinks....

I uninstalld ff3 ( strange, all ff versions disappeared), I uninstalled GTK2.14 and I uninstalled GTK2.8.....

That was my biggest error, I suppose.... now even my konqueror cannot connect to the internet.......... because an assertion to an icon fails.....

How can I repair that?

I would like to install ff3-the latest with the right GTK.... but in the right way, not again, shiat, why have I deleted my old gtk........

What would be the best way?

THX in advance.