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Thread: Compiling kismet-newcore

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    Question Compiling kismet-newcore


    i'm using an usb flash drive of bt4 with persistent changes
    to /dev/sdb2/ as described in the how to area and having some
    problems to compile the newcore version of kismet

    i removed the kismet package through synaptic and used this tut...
    i recieve errors at the point
    • make -C client_module && make -C server_module

    cause it seems i exported the wrong pathes....
    export KIS_SRC_DIR=/root(Tools/dedected/kismet-newcore
    export KIS_DEST_DIR=/usr/local/bin
    so i would like to know how to set those variables!?

    KIS_SRC_DIR should point to the root directory of the downloaded subversion
    and KIS_DEST_DIR to the install directory kismet give out at "make install" install?
    i already tried to set the destination directory to /mnt/sdb2/changes/usr/local/bin but dont worked for me too!?

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    I created a deb package for kismet new core so hopefully it will be available soon after it has been approved by the backtrack super powers

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    export KIS_SRC_DIR=/root(Tools/dedected/kismet-newcore
    you have a typo between root and Tools...if you made the same mistake when trying to compile, that could be your problem.

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