I have simplified my previous tutorial on grabbing wireless keys

specially setup for backtrack 4,

here is the intro

This is a simplified tutorial for grabbing wireless keys from our victim, regardless of their wireless security. The theory is we create a fake access point, our victim connects, tries to surf the internet but gets redirected to our fake update page. Victim then downloads our “windows update” which is a reverse meterpreter exe. Metasploit then runs it script, uploads wireless key viewer, executes on victims computer, creates a random titled text file containing the pc’s wireless key, and uploads back to backtrack.

Crippled features :
Reverse meterpreter port set to 5555, to be stealthy we should choose another port
Windows update html (index.html), a very simplified page, to be stealthy you need to redesign
rar file here

readme at http://www.megaupload.com/?d=MM98S29W

cr1spyj0nes --- is this what you needed?

I'm sure we can automate the remainder,

edit , lots of views but no comments? does it work?