Hi to all,

I have both BT3 final & BT4 beta installed under Virtual Box and both are working great with my ALFA AWUS036H 500mW usb wireless card. As the topic of my post says I am looking for some tools that I can perform a Man-in-the-middle attack in my wireless network.

I looked on Airsnarf-ng and Airbase-ng at the moment but I couldn't understood the main differences between these two. Are both do the same things? It seems to me that Airsnarf has all the functionalities that I really need (rogue AP creation,httpd server, DNS server). These are the minimum features I need.

So if there is a chance to make my wireless card stated above to work with Airsnarf-ng then that will save me a lot of time.

I found already a tutorial of how to setup airsnarf in BT3. I followed exactly all the steps written in that but when I ran it I couldn't really understand all the error messages.

The link where I found this tutorial was


Is airsnarf-ng still used as a prefered tool for MITM attacks or are there any other tools that it will worth better looking at.

I looked in this link http://backtrack.offensive-security....Howto:Airsnarf but the reason why I didn't follow this HOW:TO
was because it was written somewhere in the forum that it wasn't a stable solution!

As last....if you recommend me to use airsnarf-ng where do you suggest me running it on BT3 or BT4b?

Thank you very much and hopefully someone can give me useful information about that!