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Thread: Entering into wifi in MAC filtering

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    Red face Entering into wifi in MAC filtering

    Hello all, I had set up my AP with MAC filtering and I connected to my Ap. Now by taking my friend's laptop I ran airodump-ng and got my laptop's MAC adress and tried to connect to my AP with spoofed MAC but I was unable to connect to AP.

    Any ideas? Should I first disconnect laptop with real MAC by aireplay? then quickly connect with AP? But how can be that possible...means configure wifi card that quickly may not possible...?

    Any idea how to do that?

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    Waw!.is this possible to connect two devices,holding same MAC Address at the same instance of time?

    I would like to recommend you to first read Wireless basics & how MAC Filtering takes places at below link-

    between I am from India too.

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    Having the sam problem I got my key using aircrack and my other lappy is still connected just fine however when I try and connect through my wireless manager it says connection failed. Could this also be due to the fact I hid my essid? I also got the key converted to ASCII however I shouldnt need to use that should i?

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