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Thread: connection fails in wifi manager?

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    Default connection fails in wifi manager?

    Hello, I set up my AP as tricky as I could to try and crack it. For example I did not broadcast the essid and I set up mac filtering and am 128 bit encrypted instead of 64.

    I then connected my legitiment lappy to the accessis point (that lappy is a windows box)

    1.I then fired up kismet and got the hidden essid.

    2.I spoofed my BT3 boxes MAC to the same as my windows lappy.

    3. I then did the whole deauth thing and all went well I got my key cracked with aircrack it said KEY FOUND: [<KEY IN HERE>] (ASCII: <name of my ap>)
    (I know this key is correct as this is how I connected my windows lappy)

    4. Now I have the key but cann not connect in the wireless assistant. for some reason it just says connection failed nomatter what I do?

    Do i need to disconnect my windows lappy with the real mac address first?
    (for example can not connect two systems with the same MAC?)

    Thank you very much for your time.

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    People advise against using the Wireless Assistant. It's really, really bad.
    The best way would be to connect with iwconfig through a terminal.
    - Poul Wittig

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    Default still no luck

    I tried connecting like that too... still no luck... The setting of the essid part dident work..

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    iwconfig rausb0 essid (your essid) key (your key)
    dhclient rausb0

    replace rausb0 with your interface



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