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Thread: How to get private ip address via msn without direct connection?

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    Quote Originally Posted by williamc View Post
    That's an interesting concept. It would have been helpful when I was dealing with my Nigerian scammer not too long ago. Perhaps you can give us some idea of what your refering to in your posting? Where is it discussed you can get an IP address via a display picture?

    @williamc nigerian scammer ? i just got from this too email me plz

    @chaos you can get the personal ip from an email on hotmail
    I can't post link here just email me i'll get you the details

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    I think you'll find this posting helpful in dealing with your Nigerian scammer:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jerror View Post
    Well then I guess the only way to get their IP would be to direct them to an IP that you can monitor for incoming traffic. Ie. host a webbserver, image of something that you can get them to view or click.

    Good blend of social engineering / vulnz for doubble blind assessments!
    This is a very good method. I've used it myself several times.
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    Quote Originally Posted by streaker69 View Post
    This is a very good method. I've used it myself several times.
    Yep as have i .. its very easy to do.

    The sad part about this is that there IS a way to do it with just using a picture on msn .. i remember there being guides posted about it on one of the skid forums. I never cared much for it as using your own webhost is a much better method to begin with and also opens up other avenues of attack ... after all what good is someones ip alone in this day and age unless your planning a dos ?
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