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Thread: Airpwn Match Pattern...Help!?

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    I've always had trouble understand Perl pattern matches and I guess Airpwn uses the same sort of pattern matching string. I want to come up with a pattern similar to the hijack_site or greet_html examples I guess. I want to target a specific site though like or so I can put a header at the top saying "You use Youtube entirely too much!" to all the people on my network. I just want to inject when GET|POST to specifically. Or how to modify the match or ignore patterns from either the hijack_site or greet_html examples with Airpwn 1.3?

    here's the conf for site_hijack:

    begin site_hijack
    match ^(GET|POST).*
    ignore (^GET [^ ?]+\.(?i:jpg|jpeg|gif|png|ico|css)|(?i:host: .*
    response content/site_hijack

    I'm not even sure what the ignore pattern means :S I'm guessing it's ignoring any GET requests with jpg etc in it or GET requests with host is anything ending in What I wanted to put a header at the top of or replace entirely. Any suggestions where to start?

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    I also would like to know how to do this, i am only able to ignore sites, not accept certain sites.

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