Firstly lm kinda new to the whole wireless thing and have limited linux knowledge tho l know enough to get by and for the rest there is google ^_^ however lm having this issue with my USB wireless adapter(s)

l first tried my wireless N card the Tenda W302U, and to be honest it didnt want to init before even getting to the login, l then went on to try my Asustek WL-167g, everything went fine managed to get in as l should the only problem is l cant seem to locate any local wireless networks regardless of the fact that there are two possible Wep protected ones and one open (some crappy access thing that british telecom are doing which you have to pay for minutes for)....

all these networks are picked up pretty easily with my W302U USB adapter which is 802.11n based (draft 2.0 l believe) however no amount of trying and messing about will allow me to see any networks on kismet which suggests either lm doing something wrong or the USB adapter isnt man enough to detect the network which is more or less between 50/60metures away from where lm trying to access from.

long story short l simply would like some recommendations on a good USB adapter that will work with aircrack without any modding that gives me reasonably good pickup within say a 50 to 100meture radius which l can hopefully pick up for a reasonable price..

any recommendations will be greatly appreciated.