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Thread: Another noob Q?: BT on X21 TP

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    Default Another noob Q?: BT on X21 TP

    It all started with downloading a distro of "Auditor Security Collection" That was advertised as a "FBI Wireless Hacker". :P Nice collection of tools, and I followed the links to remote exploit, and discovered that it had merged and become "Backtrack".

    I have a copy of BT v3.0 Final, and am dying to test it out. Here's the problem:

    I have limited Linux Experience.
    I have an IBM Thinkpad X21 (700mhz fTw! :P) That I want to be my hakkin musheen.
    Thinkpads X's don't have CD Drives.

    So I was wondering how am I supposed to get it to run on it? This thinkpad supports USB-CD, USB-Floppy, and PXE booting; but I only have a USB Floppy. Is there a way to directly transfer the data from the live CD to the target HDD?

    Any help or advice would be awesome, and thanks in advance!

    [Linux N00b in Training]

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    Ok, here is some advice:

    Don't use BT at first and get into Linux. Learn about it and don't get sidetracked by all the "nice and shiny hax0r t00lz". It won't do you any good and if you don't even bother to look around on the forum for a bit to figure out an answer to your question which can be found in numerous threads here, then you will have even a harder time to get the tools running and working.
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    I didnt say I knew nothing, only that I have MINOR experience. Mostly Ive played around with Ubuntu and Suse, and now I want to get into something more advanced.

    I feel with my knowledge and skills of hardware and networking, Backtrack would be the perfect tool for me.

    The main issue is that the laptop is an extrememly older model and doesnt support some of the "latest and greatest" features such as USB Thumb-Drive booting, nor do I have access to an external CD drive.

    My question was, is it even possible for a Live CD to be transferred straight to HDD without any kind of instalation procedure...I know linux needs a different kind of partition, so I'm a little bit lost as to where to begin.

    And I have looked over the forums...spent about an hour reading other peoples problems before posting my own. That is how I found out that Auditor is now BackTrack.

    If you have a particular post in mind, it would be extrememly helpful to either point me to it, or to suggest some search terms to use. Otherwise, you input is useless.

    Thanks for trying though

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