Hi, so i've googled this and looked around all over the forums and no one's been able to help me with this. About a week ago my 3 month old Alfa stopped working right. I have BT3 and Windows XP duel-installed on my computer. I was online when the signal stopped recieving packets and i restarted the dongle, but it would no longer associate with the AP. I tried backtrack and tested the injection rate with aireplay-ng --test wlan0. and 0/30 was all i got for the AP. It will detect signals fine and i've tried connecting to the AP as close as possible and it would only finally connect to the signal about 3 feet away from the adapter, and even then the signal jumped around and i wouldn't get the full connection of 54mb. I'm afraid it may be a hardware problem, but so many think it's a driver or software issue. I've uninstalled the program that came on the cd and installed the newest driver and UI program. It still doesn't work. Like i said it sees the singals to my AP but it won't associate and it won't inject on BT. Any help would be greatly appreciated to save me from paying another 60+ bucks for a new 'un.