Great work, I am pleased with the decision to move to ubuntu.

I would love to see a PAE kernel used since this can address greater amounts of RAM i.e 4GB+

Typically I install ubuntu desktop then install the server kernel over the top with:

apt-get install linux-headers-server linux-image-server linux-server linux-restricted-modules-server

How difficult would it be for your guys to incorporate your kernel changes into this server version?

Many thanks

After reading this back I am not sure I explained what a PAE Kernel is very well.

Wikipedia explains it better then I can
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But to summarise, if you have more then 4GB of RAM, backtrack and other typical 32bit operating systems will only present you with approximately 3GB due to addressing limitations.

I currently pentest of my ubuntu machine and BT4 moving to ubuntu almost means I can scrap my build and make use of the great work, maintainence and menu layout of the dev team saving me lots of effort.

There are only 2 sticking points stopping me from replacing my current setup one is full disk encryption (which I can probably find a soluton for) and the second is not being able to address all of my RAM. I need the ram to run a variety of Virtual Machines within my Linux host (typically windows guests for testing exploits before using them on a client! or for app testing stuff that only works in windows).

If BT4 can incorporate PAE to address 4GB+ RAM then I am ready to run it on my laptop and install Vmware on top.

RAM is so cheap now and to future proof BT4 I would like to see it supporting 4GB+.

As I mentioned in my first post the ubuntu server kernel supports more then 4GB RAM without any special changes. can this be compiled in to the desktop kernel, or can BT4 use the server kernel and make the usual tweaks to that?

I have managed to get WIFI packet injection working in the server kernel and all of the apps etc run fine so it was not hard for me to move from the desktop to the server kernel. Obviously I am not aware of all the tweaks the devs have made to the desktop kernel but I would hope that it would be a simple switch for you guys as well.

Any thoughts/issues/questions?