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    hi im testing out the fake ap tutural from this forum, i have windows vista (computer A) connect'd to dlink ap AP now im running fake ap from backtrack 4 with same ssid and same channel, im trying to de authencate computer a so that it connects to fake ap, but no matter how much i do it, it dosent work,, i was think woild it help if it was the same mac addy ,, the dlink ap is using wpa and the fake ap has none, please help me.. thank you

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    在這兩者之間 BackTrack是4 FwdTrack4


    You are posting in wrong section.this section intended for HowTO Tutorials.not for HowTo time post your queries into newbie section.

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    Okay you are really starting to piss me off. 3 threads in the wrong section even after I infracted you. Read read the rules and learn to post correctly otherwise I will remove your posting privileges for about 30 days and see if that helps.

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