[FIX] Lynx

This fix is in regards to lynx the text based browser

If only the lynx command is issued lynx will report
root@bt:~# lynx
Can't Access `file://localhost/usr/share/ubuntu-artwork/home/index.html'
Alert!: Unable to access document.
lynx: Can't access startfile
To fix the problem you can edit the lynx.cfg found in
#nano /etc/lynx.cfg
BTW this file should actually be stored in
You can move it if you like.
Find the section that looks like the following:
And change everything after the "file" part.
You can use most anything but to be safe you can add the following and it will give you local links to use lynx as well as some other info.
This is a local file. This maybe best to use since it does not require an internet connection to function.

If you add a url to the basic command at startup, lynx will function normally.
#lynx google.com