[FIX]ADM Tools

This fix address the missing links in the KDE menu for the ADM tools
( note tools is my name since I am not sure of the official name for the suite).
There are five tools located under:
ADMdnf*ckr(sub a u) ADMkillDNS ADMnOg00d ADMsniffID ADMsnOOfID

Add it by selecting the Menu, on Backtrack right click and select "edit menu"
Select make a entry under BackTrack>Information Gathering>DNS>ALL
Then add the names of the tools under the "name" section.
Add an icon if you want (the default is "cache").
Fill in the command sections, for example ADMkillDNS
./ADMdkillDNS;sudo -s
The following is the Work path:
Select the box for "run in terminal"
Do the same thing for the other tools just substitute the names.
Then save, and exit.