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Thread: No network connection

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    Default No network connection

    Hi all,

    Yes i've searched the forum about his but no luck.

    Yesterday i dual-booted BT 4 with Windows 7 succesfully but i have no network connection. I'm on a wired network.

    Any idea's?
    Thanks in advance


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    Default Re: No network connection

    Goodness I know your fingers must be tired. Because you didn't see that huge thread in "how-to" section about how to start networking in BT, that was stuck at the top of the forum. I mean it even has a red icon instead of the blue ones like the other ones.
    Also check your PM box.

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    Well, i am sorry for asking then... I've read that thread but i think i've missed it. I'm sorry for being blind...

    Sorry for my reaction, The reason was that I heard some bad news at home. Sorry again.

    I looked into that thread again, and i tried some stuff but it wasen't enough.

    I found out that i was using the BT4 Pre-final, just yet i download the BT4 final, and tried again with the same method and it worked out fine.

    Thanks for pointing me to that thread again, and again for my attitude then.

    Best regards,
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