Hi everyone
I've customized my BT4 image following the steps from the How To section, everything worked perfectly, except for one thing: I live in Argentina, so my keyboard layout is Latin American.

So every time I start BT4 from my Live-CD (Actually is USB pendrive that I've created using unetbootin) I have to run the dpkg-reconfigure console-setup command to set up the keyboard layout again. I don't know why this didn't persist when I modified the BT4 image.

Another weird thing that happened is that I also edit the /etc/network/interfaces so I don't have to manually configure my wireless card every time I start BT4, but that file didn't worked, the file never changed.
Which is weird because if I mount the ISO file, and then I mount the filesystem.squashfs I can see (Usign cat /etc/network/interfaces) that the file is actually the one I edited, but when I boot in BT4 I get the unmodified version of the interfaces file.
I've also updated firefox to the 3.6 version and save some files on my /home directory, and that did persist, so I don't get why the files from /etc directory didn't persist when I created the image.
Can anyone tell how can I save the configuration so I don't have to repeat these steps every time I start my BT

I've tried making a persistent USB live CD, but that only worked with the keyboard layout. I still have to configure my wireless card