I booted from backtrack3 cd.
I found usb view and saw that there is my usb wifi adapter which is Alfa AWUS036H but that is all. Wifi Asisatnt can't connect, doesn't have any wifi adapters. Alfa is turned off. I don't know why. I put Alfa installation cd in my cdrom and nothing... I don't know what to do. How to start cd?
How to install drivers and do I really need them if Backtrack knows what I have .So how can I launch my wifi adapter?
i almost fully memorized and understood how to use airmon/aircrack but still can't run my wifi adapter.
I put installation cd in tray. I run it. I got error that "this operation died' or sth like that. So I copied cd to desktop. I found there .gz files which as I saw on google, are gzip files, so I tried -d to decompress and nothing happened or... I just don't know where to find decompressed files... or how to install drivers from this cd. Help me.