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Thread: please help me i faced big problem with rainbowtable wpa-psk

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    Unhappy please help me i faced big problem with rainbowtable wpa-psk

    hello all
    sorry for my english
    Finally I downloaded wpa rainbow tables that has 33GB after 4 week
    I'am stress now and after much more time I will be crazy
    any way...
    My problem is in that dictionary, the dictionary has 9 files and (xaa-0,xab-0,xac-0,xad-0,xae-0,xaf-0,xag-0,xah-0,xai-0)
    and inside every folder has 114 files!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The name of all files like (2WIRE001,2WIRE002,2WIRE003,2WIRE004........etc)
    Every file is a dictionary and if I want to precomputing wpa for every dictionary file I will take 1 Year!
    bt xxa-0# genpmk -f 2WIRE001 -d hashfile -s sigma
    hope you understand
    and I have another problem what is (-s) Meaning?
    is it essid for my network (name) or the file (SSID.txt) that came with the dictionary or the (charsets.txt) and another problem I have it
    when I type Example:
    genpmk -f 2WIRE001 -d hashfile -s sigma
    genpmk 1.0 - WPA-PSK precomputation attack. <>
    File mlook does not exist, creating.
    kثBًY)00000011U~07خ!3eسRقr ث ٌن؟
    key no. 200: @Iآه^)00443443ش+ہ}JNھ*
    key no. 300: =#.ْجإ?ؤM؛دKْ?ٍn/)01031967
    key no. 400: yزV)01542000ٍsn]زُ(Tt،~}ل`*Y~م2ظؤ)01544534ّآمآd
    key no. 500: غُ)02190219\$ؤلqتE(ٌھِ‎
    key no. 600: زؤ]و+DJ)03256838آكA*;sئ$بمC؛ْ*طًv!ا7)03 2576
    key no. 700: 5ٌXِnغC‏أ{ يُ)04191978}>حهץُE1‏1EدضS'
    key no. 800: +052052200
    key no. 900: ّdFD>FT)06211973XdPOWLpR]0حuہ)*/,ر+طB(9ذ)06212000b3
    key no. 1000: eCg}\@;؟8VE)07620351ـUp)خlPاn]vZفظ6]bhyصU
    key no. 1100: ہ@{aھرُcبO_%Tظئل)0848pinem\N,ن:ہUسق;هM إّ]
    key no. 1200: 10‎دQ5دئLّ!vwش'Fnا#.0977cancelledشجB#ٌبK
    key no. 1300: dھ*n*إQF_?`+Yrَ 0<?آ+0dbmnd68dgل;‏5ظFGEّR
    key no. 1400: جrnٌo2.)10044001)ے\5!Nنظuغ9pہج
    key no. 1500: 59021uhوئI1رVrقظ)ً5ُ@،ِحہ)10159999‎!أ7oكي'3O#?
    key no. 1600: B?IFتطىح`ٍأ
    key no. 1700: gص6d2
    ************************************************** *****
    what the hell is thaaaaat??????

    hope you all my brother help me i tired i tired really i tired

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    Dude, isn't it enough that your thread got closed once already about the same issue?

    Since you won't learn it won't be of any hope to try to teach you anything here.
    Tiocfaidh r l

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