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Thread: xrandr (BT4b Screen resolution)

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    Default xrandr (BT4b Screen resolution)


    I am tryning to figure out how I can configure some conf files in /etc/X11/ directory because I get very tired with the 800x600 screen resolution. In this directory there are several files but I don't know exactly which one I have to modify. I am under VirtualBox using Backtrack 4b. I've open xorg.conf file but nothing was in it. This was the normal file which I had altered in BT3 again under Virtual Box and with BT3 at the moment I can get high resolutions.

    I want to do the same in BT4. How I can do this?

    Is there any tutorial explaining this?

    What about copying my configured xorg.conf file from BT3 and paste it into BT4 /etc/X11/ directory? Does this method will work at all?

    Thank you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ioannou.alexandros View Post
    I am tryning to figure out how I can configure some conf files in /etc/X11/
    Is your search button broke?
    To be successful here you should read all of the following.
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