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Thread: How to install a USR 5421 USB Adapter

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    Default How to install a USR 5421 USB Adapter

    Hi everyone,

    I hope you dont get mad at me,because i couldnt find a solution for weeks. I am new to linux and dont know how to install a wifi adapter.

    After using bt2, my laptop's onboard wifi is working fine which has a broadcom chipset. But i need my usr 5421 wifi adapter running.

    lsusb can see the adapter. The chipset is booadcom 4320 i think.
    Then i install bcmwl5a.inf with ndiswrapper, but when checking with -l prefix, it shows driver installed. (there ıs NO hardware present message)

    So here I am after searching the internet and couldnt find a solution.

    also ifconfig -a cant see the adaptor.

    What should I do or look for a guide?
    Thanks alot...

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    same usb adapter i have, i dint know it used the broadcom chipset... i tried the ndiswrapper using bcmwl5.inf file but no luck in getting it work withe backtrack 4.

    please help

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