Recently I purchased 2 alfas and everything works perfectly with BT3. Ever since i bought it i haven't tried using it with winvista x86 until a few hours ago. at first it showed a lot of networks with strong signal including my brothers AP (wep) which my internet is connected to, i tried connecting but it cant, here's what ive tried so far:

Tried windows diagnose still it wasnt helpful
Tried a new realtek driver = could connect but local or limited access only most of the time it still doesnt connect.
Moved several places inside our house = still the same result
Uninstalled other wlan drivers = still the same
Tried the other alfa = still the same
Tried my mom's laptop = still the same

all i get is a strong signal which i cant connect to. i even tried connecting to the coffee shop near us which offers free wifi access. (87%) but i just ended up with the same results. either local/limited access or nothing. I tried using my tplink usb adapter and viola! instantly connected to the AP with internet. i think this is a driver issue.

I know windows sucks a*s but if i would change my mom's laptop to linux she'd probably kill me. this is also the only forum i know that has lots of alfa users so maybe some vista users out there can share their drivers with me.