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Thread: New Users and the BackTrack Beta 4 Menu

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    Question New Users and the BackTrack Beta 4 Menu

    I have looked through the forum and have not seen a reference to this. Maybe I am missing something obvious. I do not use kde, I use gnome or console.

    Ive added a user and I would like to move the menu, at least the backtrack menu as seen in root, to the new user menu. Is there a way to do this without recreating the entire backtrack menu by hand? I do not care if the two users have the same exact menu if that is the only way. After adding the new user, a 'lost and found' tab was in place of the backtrack tab in the user menu and NOTHING is organized, lol.

    Any help is welcome, thanks........

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    I've been looking for help with the same (that's how I came across this post). Hope someone can help.

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    Well just check out how Gnome menus are configured. There are so many tuts on the internet about it. Then just apply the changes.
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