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Thread: Metasploit problem

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    Hey Guys,

    I'm having a problem with metasploit. Basicaly, when I activate the prog from the start menu or from the command line interface, it encounters a problem...

    /pentest/exploits/framework3/lib/msf/core/module/platform.rb:60:in `find_platform': No classes in Msf::Module::Platform::Windows for are! (ArgumentError)

    I'm guessing its somthing to do with the msf update I did. I have been trowling through these forums for answers and I did find a thread which mentioned this problem but it had no answer. I have googled and checked the metasploit website but I'm not getting anywhere.
    I don't want a step by step answer to this problem, rather just a nudge in the right direction to some reading so i can figure it out myself.
    I'v been looking for tutorials on metasploit but all I have found is guides on running the program once it is installed.

    Maybe I have made a mistake somewhere, I dont know.

    Ok no need to respond to this thread I figured it out myself. The answer was out there when I looked hard enough.
    Just the way i like my problems solved

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