Hey all,

I recently bought a netbook so I could put Linux on it and begin the whole learning process. I wanted to try out BT3 and check out all the cool pen test utilities so I made a bootable USB drive. I was unable to get an actual gui to come up after trying almost all the boot options until today. I don't remember exactly what I chose but I believe it was either Flux or an experimental option that let me successfully run startx. After I checked it all out I restarted my netbook and I found I was unable to boot to my hard drive as if the mbr got wiped out. I can't think of anything I did that would have caused that because I never touched that while I was in BT nor do I know how. The only thing I did was check out a bunch of the wireless cracking and monitoring commands.

My question is it possible that BT3 could have written to my drive and made that kind of change? I can't figure out what else would have caused it other than the mbr itself becoming corrupt.

Thanks for any and all help,