Hey All,

I'v decided to start learning programming again. I want to learn best to coincide with pentesting on BT3.
I did learn a bit of programming while I was at college on visual basic. Well it gave me a good intro anyway.
I have read a few introductory books a few months ago to get my head back into gear and focused on the task ahead. From what I could gather, I came to the conclusion that Python was a good starting point and was well suited to the linux script writers.
Since doing a bit of reading on metasploit though I have read that it is done in Ruby. I'm just wondering if you guys think I would be better learning Python or Ruby. I have seen alot of .py scripts in BT3 so I dont know wether or not to switch over to ruby before I get overly used to python.
Then again saying that, I have noticed that you can transfer alot of what you know over to a new language anyway, its just a matter of learning the layout and functions.
I have messed around with C* abit aswell.