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Thread: i get wep key,connected but not net connection

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    Default i get wep key,connected but not net connection

    hi ,
    i have intel pro wireless 3945abg network card ,
    two weeks ago i hacked a wep key by backtrack 3 live cd and i connected to wireless but i didnt enter internet

    when i look the connection , it said that i am connected ...

    i use this ip , netmask , gateway and dns

    and i changed my mac adress with mac changer as to bssid station

    when i want to connect the net , the station must be connected ?
    is there anything wrong with my setting please help me

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    Is your AP connected to the internet? Also your post was a little confusing but did you say you changed your mac to the BSSID of the AP? That's not a good idea. Some APs don't like this very much and can be DOSed when you do that.

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    在這兩者之間 BackTrack是4 FwdTrack4


    Good post.I hope it may be your last post & leading you to committed crime 2 times & made 2 duplicate post about cracking other's stuff.

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    yeah seems I already warned you once. Twice = fail.

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