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Thread: Problems with Cisco AP

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    Question Problems with Cisco AP

    It has hidden SSID and WEP encryption.
    With Airodump and Aireplay (--deauth) I'v captured some packets and
    got WEP key and SSID. But can't connect to network.
    I'm trying to access using Windows XP Wireless configuration,but still did'nt see this AP.Maybe I'm making a mistake?

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    Check the settings on the AP. Do you have mac filtering enabled?

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    First check the settings & as Abraxas suggested check with MAC Filtering & you are getting problem in Windows XP so ask this question in any windows forum as this forum solely intended for BackTrack & its related things.
    by the way we would like to hear from you whether its your AP or someone else.if someone else's then we would glad to hear from you further more.

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