Hi folks,

I am a completely new user to both linux and Backtrack. While trying to crack my WEP key a few days ago i discovered my network card is not up to the task, so i bought an linksys USB WUSB54GC wireless adapter. I installed the driver on w7 (Which already was a pain in the arse due to incompatibility), but in backtrack it naturally does not work.

There are 2 things i ask you guys now:
Where can i find the drivers? (linksys.com only provides w7 drivers)
Can i install anything on a cd-boot backtrack 4 final? (And if, how?) I suspect that that is not possible is it?

If it is not possible to install anything on a cd-boot, i will try to use VMware.
Samsung R719
Cd boot Backtrack 4 final
Linksys usb wireless adapter WUSB54GC