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Thread: BT3 with Edimax 7318USG

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    Default BT3 with Edimax 7318USG

    1. Backtrack works perfectly with sound on my Tosiba Satellite L300-13R

    2. With regards to the Edimax 7318USG, I am finding that sometimes I have to unload and reload the rt73 driver.... then it will scan for APs fine. However then when I rn Spoonwep it sits trhere saying associating.... if I cancel the attack, remove the adapter and then re-insert it and click to start the attack again it works straight away!

    Perhaps by pulling it out I am forcing a driver reload again?? whatever it is, thats how I get mine to work.

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    在這兩者之間 BackTrack是4 FwdTrack4


    I dont know from what point of view this thing belongs to Howto.howto intended for Howto tutorials for specific time post the things in appropriate section.

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