Hi, i hope that somebody can help me here, iīm trying to get the Admin Pass from a german w-lan router "Fritz Box 7170".

Iīm reading the Cracking Passwords Version 0.8 Guide from the tutorial section right now and i wanted to give it a try with Hydra. But iīm a real noob with this so i hope somebody can help me because i donīt even know where to start. I guess the main problem is that i have no idea where to pass the password to. The tutorial uses a Linksys WRT54GL and the frame source mentions this line: /cgi-bin/login.exews=^PASS^:loginpserr.htm which makes it obvious where the password belongs. However i have no idea where the password is mentioned for my Fritz Box router.

this is the login screen for my router (it basically says enter password):


this is the login screen when i enter an incorrect password ( it says incorrect password, please wait 8 seconds):


this is the frame source:


where do i pass the password to? and is it even possible to brute force the router if there is an increasing waiting time every time you enter a wrong password?

thanks for help