With reference to my previous post about vunerabilities and how to proceed:

I knew I would get crap back and that people wouldn't believe what I was saying... I am not accessing a government network, I am accessing a wireless network in a home based scenario.

A civil servant is anyone employed to do work for the government, if you worked for example as a prison officer you would be considered a government worker. Now for example if said prison officer was writing reports about their prison for their bosses etc, this would be considered government work and hence their home security would need to be good. How is this checked?? well let me tell you, if the civil servant had permission to do work from home, they would have to sign a document which described their personal home security (encryption used, backups used, number of backups etc etc). Essentially it is the government covering their asses by saying that the person had signed off that their security was good enough.

So back to the original post. Yes I do have access to a wireless network (WEP), for a self employed person who does contracts for the government. And yes I have been asked by them to check how good their security is because they have to tell their superiors that it is up to scratch.

I honestly want to know (not for any malicious purposes) what I can do on this system, and how vunerable they are if I already have access to their network via WEP.

Now obviously I cannot prove I have permission, how am I going to prove that! So starting in the place where I cracked the WEP (BT3) what would be best to run next?