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Thread: The 5$ cracking success story!

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    Default The 5$ cracking success story!

    Greetings everyone I'm new here and just signed up to share my experience with BackTrack and it's amazing capabilities.

    I have an old Dell Inspiron 8200 lingering here and while I was strolling around eBay as I usual I noticed something that caught my eye. I purchased from Hong Kong mini-pci card which reads Broadcom BCM4318 and the funny thing is - I bought it for 4.99$ +S&H. The card came, installed it momentarily and worked without a hitch.

    From there I stumbled upon aircrack-ng and aircrack-ng lead me to BackTrack and you get the picture.

    Long story short: This card works "out of the box". It had some issues with Ubuntu 8.04 and the older 2.6.24 kernel but it behaved amazingly with Fedora 10, Ubuntu 8.10, LinuxMINT. No patching or recompiling required when using the b43-fwcutter and the latest OpenWRT drivers.

    The results: Instantaneous and quality attack. Cracked a WEP encryption in mere 2,3 minutes. The speed was above 500PPS and it's worth mentioning while the attack took place the signal from the AP was around -60dbM, -70dbM - you could say I was far from the AP, still aireplay-ng -9 mon0 showed 100% success rate and the attack itself has been quick and efficient.

    Conclusion. If you have an old laptop with MINIPCI slot available, do buy this card. For lousy 4.99$ you canNOT get any better bang for the buck. Certainly the cheapest WEP cracking out there.

    The skinny:
    Broadcom BCM4318 (minipci card)
    Driver: B43 (OpenWRT, latest)
    Tested on:
    Ubuntu 8.04 - Problematic. Slow injection speed
    Ubuntu 8.10 - Smooth and efficient
    LinuxMINT6 - Smooth and efficient
    Fedora 10 - Smooth and efficient
    BackTrack4b - Smooth and efficient

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    Sounds interesting, think I'll get me one of those for my old notebook. I usually use USB wlan sticks as they can easily be used on different machines and you don't have any loss with an 8m cable as it is usb and not an antenna cable. Best chipset imo is the RTL8187L as it supports manual increase of the tx power which gives a great stability over long distances.
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    not to mention usb's can be used on vmware

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    good to know, thanks for the info

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