Back story - I've had this Belkin router (F5D7230-4) for around two years. No problems with routing, DHCP, wireless, DNS, or port forwarding.
Found BT3 and gave it a go. Booted up straight away on my old Compaq C300, no issues. Wireless support is top-notch. (great job on that Devs)
Played around for a while and decided to crack an old Linksys router. I followed a guide/tutorial from these forums and it "appeared" to be working...until the Belkin locked up.
Had to unplug it to reset.
Now the weirdness: The power LED no longer lights up, changing DNS from my ISP to OpenDNS does not take nor does port forwarding and the connection to my modem just blanks out when ever it feels like it.
Is it possible to "over-packet" a router? Or maybe just time for the Belkin to die? Anyone else experience this?