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Thread: How do I edit my profile?

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    Default How do I edit my profile?

    Hi Guys,

    Just joined up, i can't see the edit button to edit my profile lol can anyone help?

    thanks guys

    Admin Edit: Thread title changed

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    Top left ---> UserCP

    Then, on newly opened page, just below it is now the edit button for you profile Your Profile ---> Edit Your Details

    Please use descriptive post titles, as per the forums rules....

    EDIT: You first make a thread with a meaningless title, rather than using a sensible, descriptive, title as per the forum rules and then ask how to edit your profile.
    It then seems that you only requested the info so you could further ignore the forum rules by adding a URL to your signature field.
    As if that wasn't a bad enough start, the signature you added was an idiotic pharmaspam link.

    What a waste of everyone's time.

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