I used Backtrack many times and I want to try to install Gnome on Backtrack.
I want install it over the Package-Manager.

After the installation theire was little problems but I didn't watch it out. sorry

I can boot but than appears the Log-in Screnn of Ubuntu and I can't login as root.

So I booted in recovery mode and created a User with "user add ibi"
But this accaunt has no sudo permissions.

I did it with login in recoverymode:

1.) cd /etc/sudoers
2.) visudo

ibi ALL=(ALL) ALL // I added this and saved it


And I reboot Login as ibi (root2)
but after login it crasher or something no error but its stay and you can move your mouse. // CTRL+ALT+Backspace
In Login Screnn theire was a Menu "Options--> Sessions" I choosed Failsafe Terminal.

Theire was the normal Terminal with ("bash")

How I can Install the default Backtrack Design or a KDE design or what should I do?

Thanks ibi