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Thread: merge changes from USB key into liveDVD respin?

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    Default merge changes from USB key into liveDVD respin?

    Hey all,

    Just wondering if it is possible to merge ones changes from a usb key/hard disk into a respin of BT4. For instance, I have installed a bunch of extra tools and updates including firefox 3.06 on my USB key and consequently backtrack is getting slower and slower as more and more is being read off the key instead of the bootDVD.

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    Yes, i do it all the time to update my USB setup. I've installed BT4 to my HD and made the changes i want (installed a tonne of useful stuff, nessus, openVAS, etc etc etc). since the kernel sources are included, and the kernel has already been patched for live support, just go to and read up on how to make a live distro (all you have to do is build it after setting up your .config file). When its done, you can makeiso from the USB distro or just set it up on a USB stick as you do with any BT4 release.

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